Packet General Donates Software Worth Over 40 Million Yen to Help Japanese Businesses

Packet General Donates Software Worth 40 Million Yen to Help Japanese Businesses Affected by Earthquake

Baldwin, New York – May 19, 2011 – Packet General, the leading provider of data security  solutions, announced today that it will donate software worth 40 Million Yen to help Japanese businesses affected by the Pacific Ocean earthquake disaster. “In this time of great difficulty, we  offer our sincerest support to the people of Japan. We also want to thank our partner SoftAgency Co., Ltd. who has joined hands with us to facilitate our relief effort locally”, said Raj Sharma, CEO, Packet General.

In order to enable small Japanese businesses to safeguard their important data, Packet General will donate one hundred Vault-GENERAL™ appliances to SoftAgency Co., Ltd. who in turn will offer a free disaster recovery service. “Many small businesses have lost data in this disaster which is hard to replace. Business owners are looking to store their files in a secure and safe location. However, data privacy is a big issue for Japanese businesses. Our service is designed to be secure and it mitigates data privacy concerns -  all files are transparently encrypted before they are stored in our servers. Moreover, the encryption key is controlled only by the business owner. Our staff will have no access to the stored data. Our services will allow small businesses to insulate themselves against future data losses. We are happy to make this small contribution towards the recovery of Japan”, said Satoshi Tatsuoka, CEO, SoftAgency.

A fully dedicated hosted virtual Vault-GENERAL™ appliance will be provided to each business under this plan. The service will be rendered through a data center located in Fukuoka, Japan.

“I think the best way to help the Japanese people is by empowering small businesses. Our prayers are with all those who have suffered immensely because of this tragic event and Packet General intends to provide additional support if needed”, said Raj Sharma.   

The Vault-GENERAL™ service will offer the following:
  • An ability to store important files  at a remote location in an encrypted format
  • A secure on-line workspace
  • A secure portal for sharing important files with partners

The Vault-GENERAL™ service will provide the following security features:

  • A dedicated virtual Vault-GENERAL™ appliance for each customer
  • Customer control over the data encryption key
  • Strict file access mechanism that disallows the “root” user to view files
  • Transparent encryption of file data “at rest” and “in transit”
  • Cryptographically-signed reports showing each file access
  • Real-time alerts when unauthorized attempts to gain access

About Packet General:
Packet General is a data security company focusing on regulatory compliance. Packet General product portfolio includes PCI-GENERAL™, an encrypted MySQL appliance,  File-GENERAL™, a secure file repository and Vault-GENERAL, a file transfer vault. Packet General is based in New York, USA. For more information about this announcement, please visit or call +01 631 546 5047.
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Packet General
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About SoftAgency:
株式会社ソフトエイジェンシー (SoftAgency Co., Ltd.)

ソ フトエイジェンシーは日本でオープンソースソフトウエアを基盤とした商品の セールスとサポートを提供しています。また、お客様の利便性向上のためにSaaS やクラウドコンピューティングのセキュリティをSecurity-GENERALで実現するさ まざまなソリューションを展開しています。

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