Packet General Services overview:

Packet General's service model helps customers maintain integrity of their data on a non-stop basis. Packet General security experts monitor all security advisories, and test their suggested resolutions (patches). Packet General appliances, located at the customers sites, securely and automatically download the necessary updates. Single Touch™ application of security updates, enables a quick and assured resolution to a known security problem, eliminating the window of vulnerability between the availability and the installation of a security patch. Our technical personnel are available to assist our customers with product integration, configuration, diagnostics and troubleshooting on a 7x24x365 basis.

Committed to Customer Success
Packet General professional staff has wide range of capabilities in the security arena spanning network, data and application layers. Armed with hundreds of hours of experience at customer sites and...
We Deliver Measurable Success
By bringing together top notch security experts and Packet General technology, we are able to help you with your planning, deployment, testing as well as operational needs. Packet General's technical...