Packet General Company Overview

Historically, organizations have considered security threats to exist only on the outside of their networks. As a result, most solutions focus on keeping "bad guys" out using technologies such as firewalls. Raj Sharma, a well-known visionary, had a different perspective on this issue: he saw that the data security problem goes well beyond the perceived notions of insider vs. outsider. All malicious activity that can result in compromise of core enterprise assets such as intellectual property, know-how, trade secrets, and customer data, must be stopped regardless of the perpetrator's location. Packet General was formed in 2002 in order to provide real data security — protection of proprietary and sensitive corporate information assets from unauthorized/illegal access or use, disclosure, modification, and/or destruction.


Packet General has created a new type of a secure server platform called the Secure Server Appliance™ (SSA™). This appliance relieves the customer from the burden of building and maintaining their own application environment, with its concomitant security problems and cost overheads. The Secure Server Appliance™ is a complete, secure, deployable and maintainable application stack residing in a secure operating environment that has been designed to protect the application data. Security-GENERAL™ platform is based on this concept. It allows a single mission-critical application to run in a pristine and controlled environment. The data is encrypted at the source after establishing the integrity of the operating environment. A multi-layered defense mechanism is employed that not only protects the data but also provides information assurance — something rarely talked about these days. PCI-GENERAL™, an encrypted MySQL appliance and File-GENERAL™, an encrypted a file repository are two appliances that exemplify this concept.


Current approaches that employ brute-force encryption are unable to adequately protect mission-critical application data, due to lack of real control over the source of the data — the server that hosts the application. Application appliances built on top of Security-GENERAL™ platform eliminate this vulnerability.


In short, Packet General is data security company focusing on providing secure infrastructure appliances that enable customers to achieve regulatory compliance with ease. Packet General's product portfolio includes PCI-GENERAL™, an encrypted MySQL appliance, File-GENERAL™, an encrypted a file repository and Vault-GENERAL™, an encrypted file transfer solution. Packet General is located in New York, USA.