Packet General Products Overview:

Packet General enables organizations to achieve compliance through a family of secure appliances that are most commonly used to build e-business infrastructures. The family of appliances include a secure MySQL database, a secure file vault and a secure file transfer vault - all components that require a significant amount of time to setup and operate in a secure manner. Packet General's ready-to-deploy secure appliances make this task simpler. The appliances secure data using various cryptographic techniques at inception, inline with the industry mandates/government regulations. This approach to security obviates the need for an organization to have to create their own solutions or look for point security solutions from different vendors. Since all appliances use a common secure platform, they all share the security features like FIPS 140-2 Level 2/3 compliant encryption and key management, role-based management, and cryptographically signed logs. Packet General appliances are easy to deploy, manage and they save time and money.

A MySQL Database Appliance That Enables Compliance
A secure MySQL appliance that provides transparent data encryption, key manage- ment, role-based platform management and cryptographically signed logs to enable compliance.
A Secure File Repository
A secure file repository for storage of regulated and/or sensitive information. The appliance transparently encrypts file data, controls access, generates tamper-resistant logs and eliminates the privileged user threat..
A Secure File Transfer Appliance/Service
A secure vault for sharing of regulated data in a compliant manner. Every access is logged and cryptographically signed. The data remains encrypted "at rest" as well as "in transit". Trusted third party can manage their own users.