Customer overview:

Packet General’s customer base consists of large Fortune 500 companies to tiny startups. Packet General’s appliances are being put to use at these customer sites to secure data and achieve compliance. Some of the select Packet General customers are:

  • The largest payment gateway in the United States with 87 million active accounts in 190 markets
  • A major credit card brand with worldwide operations
  • One of three largest web properties in the United States
  • A European Airline

Payment gateways
The chances are that if you have bought something over the web, you have already used one of Packet General’s secure appliances. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for three to four million transactions per day is protected by Packet General. This level of product maturity can only be achieved over time through deployments that push the limits. Packet General is proud to serve its payment gateways customers on two subcontinents.

Tier-1 service provider
If you have ever authenticated yourself with one of the three largest web properties in the United States, your authentication request was handled by one of Packet General database appliances. With 5 billion hits every month, Packet General appliances have their work cut out. Packet General appliances have a proven track record at installations where failure is not an option.

If you have ever taken a vacation in a Mediterranean country in Europe, the chances are that you used a credit card to buy your airline ticket. Your credit card information was routed through secure channels and upon its arrival at the airline’s headquarters, it was handed over to a Packet General appliance for safe keeping. Once again Packet General products do what they were designed to do - to secure data and enable PCI compliance.