Key Features

PCI-GENERAL™, a secure MySQL database, is available as a hard or a virtual appliance. Built on top of the Security-GENERAL™ platform, it provides the following key features:

Transparent encryption of MySQL data (TDE)

  • No changes are made to the MySQL server in order to encrypt data
  • MySQL client applications remain unchanged
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption algorithm is used 
  • Maximum key length is used to secure data – 256

FIPS 140-2 Level 2/3 Compliant smart-cards store the encryption keys with built-in provisions for

  • Secure key distribution
  • Key rotation
  • Key revocation

Privileged user abuse of power ("root"/system administrator)

  • The Security-GENERAL™ trust model doesn’t include the traditional privileged user. Thus, the privileged user is not allowed to view data stored in the secure repository.

Secure web based platform management

  • Assignment of platform privileges based on job classification
  • Ability to revoke credentials quickly
  • Two factor authentication using smart-cards

Tamper-resistant and secure audit trails

  • Secure on-line retention of audit trails for 90-days

90-day password rotation

  • Built-in password checks in accordance to the mandates

Automated updates

  • Single source for all security updates
  • “Single-click™” implementation enables a quick and assured resolution to known security problems, eliminating the window of vulnerability between the availability and the installation of security patches.