Compliance overview:

Compliance has become a critical issue for private enterprises and public organizations. Laws and contractual obligations with banks and credit card companies mandate that customer records and credit card numbers be maintained in a secure way; non-compliant businesses may face not only fines, but also criminal charges. The HIPPA act not only requires notification of breach of "unsecured protected health information" to the Secretary of HHS but also to media. Forty-five states have enacted information disclosure laws, forcing organizations to publicly disclose data breaches of their *unencrypted* data.

Packet GENERAL's data security solutions have enabled tier-1 service providers and merchants to achieve compliance with the PCI DSS mandates. Our battle-hardened appliances are designed to secure data in a compliant manner.
The passage of HITECH Act has paved the way for the Federal Trade Commission to become the enforcement arm of HIPAA Security and Privacy Regulations. The act requires vendors to properly disclose compromises.