Technical Support


Packet General's maintenance service offering is an integral part of the solution that augments security by maintaining the integrity of the appliances on a non-stop basis. Single Touch™ application of security updates, enables Packet General customers to quickly resolve known security problems, eliminating the window of vulnerability between the availability and the installation of security patches.

Packet General customers are also entitle to software updates and point releases of the products covered by their maintenance agreements.

Packet General offers customers post-installation support through the Technical Support Service Center (TSSC). Packet General customers, who have purchased support agreements, have access to our technical support staff on 24x7 basis via our web portal. Customer must login their request on Packet General Technical Support Service Center website before calling (for more information, please review our support policies). After logging your technical support request, for immediate assistance, please call us at +1.631.546.5047.

In short, if have chosen to secure your data with a Packet General appliance, you can be rest assured that we'll be there for you.

By bringing together top notch security experts and Packet General technology, we are able to help you with your planning, deployment, testing as well as operational needs. Packet General's technical support service will allow you to maintain integrity of your data and the platform on a perpetual basis. The post-installation support services are offered through the Technical Support Service Center (TSSC) portal. 

Please review our end-of-life policies here.

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